Armen Dumanian (Deputy Academic Officer)

My name is Armen Dumanian, I am a first year law student and am honored with the privilege to serve as this year’s deputy academic officer for the Canadian Law Society.  As an academic representative, my organizational responsibilities are geared towards providing CLS members with opportunities to hone their academic skills and plan for their futures as lawyers. 

I understand that the journey from student to practicing lawyer can be quite daunting, but strongly believe that no student at Leicester should have to endure it alone.  My goal as a deputy officer is to provide students with resources that will help alleviate the stresses of academics and assist them in achieving a successful career following their time at Leicester.  This can be as simple as organizing study groups during exam seasons or bringing in speakers to discuss common interests, such as the NCA exams and pursuing post-graduate enrollment. 

I encourage all law students at Leicester to attend the events planned by The Canadian Law Society, and to reach out if they have any questions regarding their social and academic life here at The University of Leicester!