Bicky Dhugga (Academic Officer)

My Name is Bicky Dhugga from Brampton, Ontario. I did my undergraduate degree at Brock University at the Goodman School of Business and graduated in Business Honors with a concentration in Human Resources. I am currently in my final year of the Senior Status LLB program at The University of Leicester, and have enjoyed many extracurricular activities such as: mooting and pro bono, these activities have given me a more practical experience of law.

In my personal time, I enjoy winter activities such as Skating and Skiing. One of the great joys of being in England for my degree is the opportunity to travel and see a different side of the world. I have only been to a handful of places but I believe that travelling has always been my nirvana.

My responsibility this year as your Academic Officer, will be to help transition Canadian Students who will be returning to Canada in pursuing a career in law. This will be done by allowing students to attend conferences, which will be focused on the National Committee on Accreditation, and even potential avenues of employment. I also hope to set up Skype conferences with alumni students that would be willing to help answer any questions you have about the process. I have always considered myself to be an outgoing individual who is easy to approach; so if you have any concerns, do not hesitate to reach out.