Love Issue

February is the month of love; and last month, the CLS had no shortage of it. If you follow us on Facebook or if you went to any our events, you would know that we had a lot of “love” to offer. Thus, on behalf of the CLS Committee, I would like to thank you all for attending!

And speaking of love, I would like to share with you something special. I do not talk about my feelings much – because I am more of a “conceal don’t feel” type of gal – but here goes…  

This month I fell in love.

I fell in love with your beauty and your charm,

It drives me crazy when you talk about remedies to harm.

I love the way you speak, so brilliant and (sometimes) true,

And how you came up with PACE for those uniformed men in blue.

I love when you speak Contract to me – Exemption Clauses, Breach of Contract and even Frustration,

This is because you never fail to give me that mental stimulation.

Let’s not forget our talks about Nuisance, Defamation and Privacy in Tort,

And how in some of your weird (but exciting) ways, you can give claimants some support.

When it comes to public body accountability I look to you,

And whether individuals have locus standi and if their claims are grounds for Judicial Review.

So you see I loved the idea of you when I was just 11 years old,

And now at 27, I am sold.

That I have adored you for all these years,

It actually almost moves me to tears.

I will now digress by telling you I love you,

Consider this piece, my ode to you.


Written by: Rhea Alcantara