Caitlyn Broderick (Vice President)

Dear fellow Canadian law students:

My name is Caitlyn Broderick, I am a Newfoundland born and bred and I am honoured to be your Vice President for this academic year!

As Vice President, my role is to provide support all committee members to ensure that our overall goals as a committee are met.  I am responsible for acting as a liaison between the committee and faculty as well as the committee and all society members.  Furthermore, I am responsible for facilitating all academic and social events and promoting careers awareness within the Society.

I am committed to providing incoming students with viable information in order to help make their transition to Leicester as easy as possible; thus, I am also committed to providing current students with the necessary resources to make their transition back to Canada an easy one as well. 

My ultimate goal as Vice President is to strengthen the relationship between our committee members and possible employers back in Canada in hopes of establishing opportunities for students once they return.  I am very excited about the implementation of the new graduate scheme and I am looking forward to working along side faculty members as well as my fellow committee members to help make this as successful as possible for us Canadian students.

If you have any questions at all or you just want hi, please feel free to email me or approach me on campus!

I look forward to meeting you all and having a very successful and memorable year!

Caitlyn Broderick
Vice President, Canadian Law Society