Dupinder Aheer (Careers Officer)

My name is Dupinder and I am in my final year at The University of Leicester. My role as your new careers officer (in which I am very excited to be!) is to help you on your path to a legal career once your back in Canada. This year I will concentrate on making this a more advisory role as well as running numerous career related events with educational bodies and careers services. As your Careers Officer, my job is to ensure that the Canadian Law Society‚Äôs members are offered as many career opportunities as possible, in order to help them stand out in the competitive Canadian market. I will be involved in liaising with resident Canadian faculty, career service centers, and will organize a wide range of career events. This year my role has been organizing events such as the mentorship program, CV workshop, and assisting in the LLM and NCA talks. I hope you try to attend as many events as possible to make the most out of the Canadian Law Society!