Rachel Nischal (Secretary)

Being a second year law student from a suburb in Toronto Canada, Richmond Hill, with an undergraduate degree from the University of Ottawa I understand how the transition could be somewhat challenging and may take time for one to get adjusted. I myself was a member of the society during my first year and I am now apart of the executive team. Having said that, I have a good understanding of how the society functions and of what is expected to make the most out of it. I believe, that our days as University students go on to become a few of the best days of our lives, I will do my best to enrich this experience and ensure that our members time at the University and being apart of the Canadian Law Society is truly memorable.

As the secretary for the Canadian Law Society I will be facilitating the president and the vice president in managing the team. The role that I will be taking on include, taking minutes, booking rooms, organising and planning. Most importantly, I will be communicating with our members so that they stay involved and interested with upcoming events. I will also be available to answer and address any queries that our members may have regarding their studies here at the University of Leicester. Overall, I will be ensuring that the Canadian Law Society runs smoothly and that our members get the most out of their University experience with us!