Sam Arefzadeh (First Year Class Representative)


My name is Sam Arefzadeh and I am the First Year Class Representative of the Canadian Law Society.

My background includes various elements that make we well rounded. I have worked in many service industries related jobs and have an excellent understanding of how to communicate with people. I am a BBA Graduate who attended Capilano University in Vancouver, BC. This degree taught me essential skills such as: public speaking in front of large audiences and how to effectively work within a diverse group dynamic. Obtaining these skills allows me to thoroughly communicate with you regarding anything you would like to approach me with.

My responsibilities will include working closely with all the first year CLS Law Students here at Leicester, and to ensure that your voices are heard. I am excited to be a part of the Canadian Law Society and will take care of your issues or concerns; whether that be assisting you adjust to our new University, help you get more involved in the society, or anything else.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, whether you see me on campus or would like to email me. I am quite an approachable person, and will always have time to grab a coffee and have a sit down with any of you!